Emotron DCU - voltage conversion

Emotron's DCU is a DC/DC converter that allows seamless integration of various DC sources for optimal utilization of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems. Whether facilitating low-to-high "DC booster" or high-to-low voltage conversions, the Emotron DCU proves invaluable for optimizing battery voltage in microgrid applications.


Main features

  • Power range 23-1100 kW
  • High side voltage range: 450-760 Vdc (DCU48) resp. 550-1120 Vdc (DCU69)
  • Low side voltage range: 15-85% of High side voltage
  • Low side voltage accuracy <1% of high side voltage range
  • Low voltage side DC-filter (LC) included
  • High accuracy of DC-levels, <1% deviation
  • DC-fuses included
  • Voltage measurement feedback unit included
  • DC precharging circuit available as option
  • Control modes for low side or high side voltage control
  • Energy counter values for readout
  • Wide range of communication module selections
  • WiFi and Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Efficiency rating 98%
  • DNV Marine approval (liquid cooled)
  • Hybrid drive trains
  • UPS systems/battery backup
  • Available as part of IP54 cabinet
  • Air or liquid cooling
  • Project specific adaptation possible






Bidirectional power flow

Benefit from bidirectional power flow and a versatile modular design, accommodating a range of energy storage solutions such as batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors.

Precise voltage adjustment

The Emotron DCU is the ideal choice for precise DC voltage adjustments of systems involving renewable energy sources like solar cells, windmills, hydropower, wave generators or thermal power.

System solutions

The Emotron DCU is delivered as part of a system solution in an IP54 cabinet with DC fuses, precharging and filters. We offer tailored solutions for optimal performance.

Technical data


Rated power 23-4000 kW

Rated current 46-4,000 A

High voltage 450-1120 VDC

Low voltage 15-85% of high voltage

Protection class IP54 (Cabinets)

Approvals CE, DNV (liquid cooled version)