Modular converter solutions

Whether you need to harness, use or save energy for battery power or grid feedback, Emotron Modular Converter Solutions allow your grid the full freedom of multiple sources and loads.

With Emotron Modular Converter Solutions, we can build a unique system for your energy conversion requirements, accepting a large variation in supply power and voltage.

Compact, low harmonic energy-efficient PEBBs (Power Electronic Building Blocks) are combined to perform a large variety of energy conversion functions - fulfilling every your every electrification requirement.

The basic principle is simple. Emotron converter modules are combined to suit your configuration. The main components are:

Optimized, trouble-free operation

All Emotron converters are delivered as complete IP20 or IP54 cabinet drives, with your specific requirements in mind. Our project organization will help you achieve your optimal system solution and the installation is easy thanks to plug-and-play.

Emotron converters produce very low harmonic distortions. They provide genuine unity power factor, which allows for optimized sizing of the distribution transformer lowering the electricity transfer tariff. They also offer the possibility of reactive power compensation.

Emotron converters are non-sensitive to voltage dips or harmonics from other equipment, which could otherwise cause it to trip or break down. Voltage boosting assures you full motor power in case of mains voltage fluctuations.

Harnessing renewable energy and battery power

Emotron Modular Converter Solutions allows you to handle many unique applications such as:

  • Hydrogen Production
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Hybrid Electric Drives Systems
  • Shaft Generator (PTO/PTI) Applications
  • On Shore Power Supply (OSP)
  • Turbine Generator Converters