Specialised W&WW drive with new possibilities

Emotron FlowDrive is the AC drive that automatically controls your pump at an optimal level through its unique self-learning system. Initially, the drive operates in learn mode in order to establish the most efficient operating parameters for the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) algorithm. By running the pump over a range of frequencies and measuring the volumes pumped, it defines the most energy-efficient pumping frequency and calibrates the related functions accordingly.

To better visualise the FlowDrive application and give quick access to important parameters and pump status information, we can now incorporate a panel as an integral part of the drive via Modbus/TCP. The solution also makes it possible to communicate with e.g. SCADA through the Ethernet interface of the panel.

The panel is preprogrammed to handle your most common pump applications. Ask your sales representative for a demo or see panel possibilities at the Swedish W&WW exhibition VA-mässan 25-27 September 2018.