Nachrichten 2016

the Emotron Running Challenge 2016

Challenge the Emotron Management team by running the 10 km “Höstmil” or Half Marathon in Malmö on Saturday, October 1st at 15:00!

Emotron Softstarterlösung für Adani Gas Ltd.

Adani Gas Ltd was using a conventional system that imposed a high starting current on the system, making it difficult to maintain the required gas pressure. Additionally, the manual on/off control was labour-intensive. The solution was the Emotron MSF 250 kV Softstarter with remote on/off control.

Referenz Sölvesborgs Energi

Sölvesborg Energi uses Emotron variable speed drives to ensure their delivery of clean water with minimal energy consumption.

So steigert der Emotron VFX Leistung und Zuverlässigkeit bei Alex Panels

Alex Panels of India’s system began to suffer recurring issues, including failures in the DC drive panel and wear and tear of its carbon brushes, leading to production losses. The solution was an Emotron VFX48-750 variable frequency drive and a 250 kW/4-pole motor.

Unser Beitrag zu Nachhaltigkeit und zur Erfüllung

CG Drives & Automation makes major contributions as a greentech company to the goals set in Paris COP21 by improving energy efficiency in industrial processes thereby reducing their consumption of electrical energy and their carbon footprint.

Referenz SeaTwirl

For the SeaTwirl project, a VFXR46-146 was mounted in an 800 mm wide cabinet with a HMI panel placed in the front door for faster and easier access. Modbus TCP/IP communication were used for data collection and monitoring of actual values. This technique gave the company a reliable and cost-effective drive solution.

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